How to get to Isla Fuerte from Cartagena

If you are in Cartagena you need to get to the main bus station called Terminal de Transportes de Cartagena (TTC). From the main centre in a taxi it takes 30 to 40 minutes and costs 20.000 pesos. But, no matter where you are in Cartagena, if you hop in a taxi and ask the driver to take you to the TCC they will know where it is.

You can also take a mototaxi, which is cheaper than a cab if you do not have much baggage and are cool with riding on the back of a motorcycle.
Or take a colectivo and then a bus to TTC. Ask around for exact details.

Once you arrive at TCC you can buy your bus ticket to Lorica at the Brazilian Express company counter. If you want to buy your bus ticket online ahead of time you can, but it is cheaper if you just buy it at the bus station.

We also recommend leaving with Transportes Gonzalez.  They will pick you up early from your hotel or hostel (around 4 to 5am) and take you directly to Lorica for $55.000 per person; you will arrive in Lorica at approximately 9am and they will drop you off right to the colectivo taxis that can take you to Paso Nuevo, you can reserve your seat at 317 642 5106.

Another option is a bus directly to Paso Nuevo for $45.000 per person leaving from the bus terminal in Cartagena. They advertise leaving at 5.30 in the morning, the bus company is Transportes Sotracor and you can call them at 311 423 7846 or 3182578424.

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Direct bus from Cartagena to Lorica, San Bernardo del Viento

From the bus Terminal Transportes de Cartagena you can take any of the frequent direct buses to Lorica. The  first bus leaves at 5 am and the trip will take 4 to 5 hrs. Our advice is to leave as early as possible. If you take the bus at 5 am you will get to Lorica between 9.30 and 11.00.

For more further transport details, check the second page at How to get to Isla Fuerte.