How to get to Isla Fuerte?


Isla Fuerte is not out of the way, it’s on the way! If you are traveling to or between Cartagena, Medellin, and or Bogota, Isla Fuerte is easy accesible for you. So whether you are traveling from south to north or north to south,  Isla Fuerte is a paradise you must make the time to experience! 

You can get to Isla Fuerte from several different cities by bus, taxi, plane, and or boat.

Which ever route you choose, you will need to pass through a small town named Lorica. Once you get to Lorica, you can either take a moto or a taxi to Paso Nuevo. This takes about 30 to 45 minutes and will drop you off right at a small boat port . At the port of Paso Nuevo, hop on a boat which takes you directly to Isla Fuerte in 30 to 40 minutes.
The boats leave several times daily and are not on a set schedule, but try to be at the Paso Nuevo boat port before 13:00 in the afternoon, because 80% of the boats leave in the morning. After that, the boats will only leave for the island if they fill up with enough people.
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Lorica, Paso Nuevo & Isla Fuerte


Take a car or colectivo in Lorica to Paso Nuevo

Once you arrive in Lorica you can take a car or a colectivo to Paso Nuevo, the coastal town where the boats leave to Isla Fuerte. This trip takes around 30 to maximum 45 minutes.

The cost of a private car from Lorica is approximately $40.000 pesos. These cars wait in front of the bus terminal, and this is the best option for groups of four or more. Are you on your own? You will find a cheaper shared car (colectivo) by walking from the bus terminal past the Olimpica supermarket about a hundred meters. Under a black tarp, there’s a sign that says “Moñitos — $10.000”, and there will be cars. Once there are enough people, one of the cars will take you to Paso Nuevo. It drops you off at the side of the road, and you just need to take a moto to the port, which will cost $2.000. 

Boat ride from Paso Nuevo to Isla Fuerte

The boats leave all throughout the morning and it is a 11 km boat ride with a fare of around $20.000 pesos one-way. The trip takes around 40 minutes. The other boats in the afternoon work like a collectivo and just leave when they have enough passengers. That means you may have to wait a while before leaving OR you can just take a private boat by covering the whole cost of it (can be up to $120.000) in case you get to Paso Nuevo late in the afternoon and there are no more people to share it with.

You can ask the captain to drop you off at La Playita!