Isla Fuerte Cultural Center

La playita hostel is new to isla fuerte but the team involved have been in colombia on and off now for many years and are dedicated in any venture we enter into to give back to the communities that we work with.

A great example of this is bamba surf club in el valle choco, Pacifico tours and the humpback turtle have sponsered several kids now and they are surfing, giving surf lessons and taking care of thier beach.

Another example is new initatives that are getting of the ground at casa en agau. Soon they will be socially involved with educational programs at islote (small island community) and ecological projects aimed at raising awareness of the need to preserve the reefs they are living amoungst.

So to continue down this road La playita along with a dutch foundtion and an older established foundation on isla fuerte we will build a cultural center with the local afro island community.

The center will be the mother to many projects we will start small by inviting local dance groups to the hostel to proform traditional afro colombian dances as a way to raise fund to buy the costumes they need to present them selfs more elegantly.

The second project is ecological and educational it involves placing trash cans and ryclcle cans at key touristic and ecological points on the island. The bins will be painted by the children with messages of keeping the island beautiful and will be occampanied by signs explaining the area you are in what can be found there as in flora and fauna and why its important to protect it.

These two projects will get us of the ground meanwhile the community has put forward a house that will will be fixing up so they will have a place to teach dance, singing, make hand crafts and we will invite vollenteer english teaches to join us and give free classes.

If you feel you could help out in anyway or would like to know more feel free to contact us.