Beautiful islands Colombia

Are you looking for beautiful unknown islands in Colombia at the carribean coast? Lots of people think of Cartegenga, taganga or parque tyrona  when they think of the north coast of colombia. Not many people realise that Colombia was also blessed with a hand full of beautiful and not so touristic islands. Our favourite being Isla fuerte but just over an hour boat ride from us you run into Isla Titian and Isla Mucura. These two beautiful island lay side by side and are both equally beautiful and unique.

Beautiful Island Colombia 1: Titipan island Colombia

Titipan island boast a beautiful white sand beach with local resturaunts and bars, it is also made up of a series of rivers that flow through the mangrove system. It’s here at night you can swim amongst the fluorescent plancton a mind blowing natural experience!

Beautiful Island Colombia 2: Isla Mucura island Colombia

Isla Mucura island is the more famous of the two and is home to some more high end hotels and a local pueblo also with local restaurants and bars. Sitting between the two island is islote most famous for being the most densely populated island in the world!

Beautiful Island Colombia 3: Casa en el agua flooding hostel

Across from islote sit 3 houses built a a while back directly in the sea, one of these houses has been transformed into an incredibly beautiful and absolutely unique hostel rightfully named Casa en el Agua, from the Casa u can book all your tours, diving and activities around the 3 islands the hostel has fun island vibes with a great cocktail bar and a mix a foreign and local music.

Trip suggestions if it’s about unknown islands at the carribean

On a colombian adventure or just planning a short holliday? Colombian is rich in diversity and culture and the carribean coast is no different. If your heading from the coastal mountain range around parque tyrona and the serane nevada you can eisliy make your way through the histrocirical city of cartagena wich is full of old colonial hostels like the old city oaisis, then grab your pack and head by boat with the tranquil easy or over land by bus to the famous Casa en el agua in the San Bernardo islands. Then make your way through Colombias tropical paradise islands until you get to La Playita on isla fuerte, by now your well on your way to easily connect with medellin, capurgauna (darien gap), Panama or if you need to connect with another part of colombia you can find great domestic flights or buses in Monteria just 2 hrs from La playita.
Of course if you are heading from Bogota, Medellin or the coffee region this works just as perfect in reverse 🙂
Looking for a beautiful island to visit at the carribean coast at Colombia? Isla Fuerte at the carribean coast is defenitly worth a visit!