Isla Fuerte, Colombian Secret Surf Spot

Surf & Paddle off the Carribean coast

Surf and Stand up paddleboarding

The clear water at Isla Fuerte is perfect for water activities. La Playita has paddle boards and surf boards that can be rented out for your leisure. Whether you prefer paddling out on a SUP board to take in the spectacular views, or want to catch some barrels at one of the best known surf spots in Colombia, La Playita has options for you.

Surfing at La punta del Ingles, Isla Fuerte

Located at La punta del Ingles, Isla fuerte is one of the Caribbean’s best kept secrets, it has a hand full of mechanical reef breaks and arguably the best left hand barrels on colombia’s north coast. It’s nicknamed colpipe because it is one of the only really consistently barreling reef breaks in the country. This surf spot is accessible by short boat ride from the hostel, a half an hour walk and 15 minute paddle. Crystal clear water, glassy barrels and just you and your pals. Isla Fuerte is a dream destination for any surfer travelling the world searching for tropical perfection without the crowds.

The best time to come for a surf is November to April. Then we have a short surf season from the end of June through July and then it’s all about stand up paddleboarding, diving, snorkeling and some kiteboarding. 

Stand up paddleboarding to discover the Island by water

Stand up paddle boards (SUP) offers a fun and relaxing way to discover Isla Fuerte by water. With minimal gear, you can paddle ocean surf.

Since you stand at your full height, you can enjoy unique views of everything around Isla Fuerte from different species birds at La punta del Ingles to watching the sunset at San Diego. To get started, you just need some basic SUP gear like a paddle board and a paddle gear and techniques. Paddle boarding has become a popular cross-training activity and it delivers a full-body workout. You can rent all the paddle gear you need at La Playita hostel. It only cost $35.000 per person.