Lost paradise in the middle of the carribean surrounded by crystal clear water

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Isla Fuerte

Beginning at La Playita Hostel you can cross the island walking or by mountain bike ($20.000 for 2 hours) . You can walk around the island in 4 to 5 hours or by mountainbike in a few hours.

It’s an unforgettable experience to enjoy the nature and the local way of living. Tropical dry forest is the predominant ecosystem that alternates with the gracile coconut plantations, mango trees and mangrove swamps located in the northern and southern ends of the island. On the trails that run through the island, you will find a few ancient trees, like the tun-tun tree, La Bonga tree and the Walking tree, which are habitats of different species of local and migratory birds, sloths and reptiles. 

Towards the end of April, occasional rains provide relief from the dry season, and this continues through June. Heavier rains fall from August to November.