La Playita Hostel

La Playita Hostel

Spacious, affordable & modern rooms – Seafront bar with panoramic view – Surfboard & Paddleboard rental & Much more!

La Playita Hostel

Enjoy peace and nature in a tropical paradise

New spot in the caribbean, La Playita hostel

La Playita Hostel

La Playita hostel in Colombia

La Playita hostel, new island spot just off the Caribbean coast of Colombia, has an ocean front bar and spacious, modern rooms with a local feel to them perfect for Island life. The hostel is the newest on the Isla, opening for business at the start of 2016. La playita is situated close to the port, but feels secluded. Coconut palms and trees shade the yard, and a garden out back provides us with tropical produce.

A seafront bar

Guests can relax in hammocks, take a dip in the ocean out front, or simply take in the amazing panoramic sea view. Fishermen bring fresh caught seafood in daily right next to the bar, and the kitchen serves it up. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is served.

La playita hostel:  Spacious, comfortable modern rooms

La Playita hostel offers different rooms, alle situated in the backyard close to the sea. All the rooms a spacious, fresh and modern and all have a local touch / design. The private and double rooms are ensuite with shower and toilet.

Activities on Isla Fuerte Colombia

La Playita hostel offers a variety of adventurous land- and wateractivities like exploring the island by mountain bike, surf, stand-up paddling, snorkeling, diving and much more!