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Isla Fuerte is definitely worth a visit

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Peaceful and natural environment

Isla Fuerte

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Beautiful and still unknown by many people

Isla Fuerte is an idyllic, unique small and green island in the Colombian Caribbean sea, at the south of the Morrosquillo Gulf, 11 Km. away from the continent and the costal town of Paso Nuevo, Cordoba. Isla Fuerte Colombia is part of the chain of islands made up of Rosario, San Bernardo, and Tortuguilla islands and it is part of the Rosario and San Bernardo Islands National Park protected area.

Isla Fuerte is full of flora and fauna

With an area of 3.25 Km2, Isla Fuerte offers the visitor a landscape full of nature, flora and fauna, which combines its glorious vegetation with the beauty of coral reefs and a sea calm and crystalline, favourable to water activities like paddle boarding, snorkeling, surfing, and diving. Read more about our brand new hostel on the Island, La Playita Hostel.

The caribbean coast of Colombia

The Caribbean region of Colombia or also called Caribbean coast region is in the north of Colombia and is mainly composed of eight Departments located contiguous to the Caribbean. The area covers a total land area of 132,288 km2 (51,077 sq mi) including the San Andres Island Archipelago of San Andrés. The Caribbean region of Colombia is home to approximately 10 million people.

The Caribbean region coast extends from the Gulf of Urabá to the Gulf of Venezuela. Straddling the coast are Colombia’s two main Atlantic port cities of Barranquilla and Cartagena. The administration of the region is covered by eight department governments; Atlántico, Bolívar, Cesar, Sucre,Córdoba, Magdalena, La Guajira and San Andrés y Providencia. These 8 departments also cover approximately 182 municipalities, 1093corregimientos and 493 caserios according to the 2005 Census by DANE. Most of its inhabitants speak a dialect of Caribbean Spanish with variations within its subregions.

Isla Fuerte is definitly worth a visit when you are in Colombia!